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As key decision-makers, trustees face potential claims from many parties, including beneficiaries, creditors and other board members.

Unlike employees of a professional services organisation, non-professional trustees may not be afforded protection by an entity — instead, allegations of a wrongful act or a breach of trust can be brought against them personally.

With so many duties to different parties, even those trustees with years of experience can find themselves in contentious situations. Fortunately, in many circumstances, trustees can protect themselves against the outcome of these allegations with insurance.

Leveraging decades of experience and a detailed understanding of these particular exposures, Lockton builds tailored liability policies to protect trustees against fines and compensation claims as well as any legal costs arising from them.

We'll keep you protected, so you can continue performing your duties with total peace of mind.


What we bring to your business

Our family trustee liability insurance product is designed to protect lay trustees, including those acting in their non-professional capacity.

Our solution

  • Cover for non-professional family trustees against wrongful acts/breach of trust

•     A selection of liability limits up to £10m to fit your potential exposure

• Cover for professional trustees where your liability is excluded from an organisation's liability cover

• One initial proposal form with only a declaration required at renewal

• Complementary insurance health check of all the trust assets, to advise trustees that all assets are correctly insured for and on behalf of the trust


Coverage includes

• Protection against potential litigation brought by the trust's beneficiaries or other claimants, where there is an allegation of a wrongful act

• Protection for a trustee's personal assets, effectively protecting their own personal wealth

• Damages, judgements and settlements awarded against a trustee in relation to a wrongful act

- This includes reimbursement to the trust, to the extent it has indemnified the trustee in respect of the wrongful act/breach of trust

• Defence costs incurred in the investigation, defence and settlement of any claim against a trustee in relation to a wrongful act

• Any person who was, now is, or may become a trustee


Cover extensions exclusive to Lockton

• Defence costs in respect of illegal profits and deliberate acts

• International assets extension


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