Cyber crime and information security have become high profile risks, especially for professional firms.  It remains an area that many firms do not fully understand.  Our webinar seeks to demistify the risks, critique the scare stories, and take a pragmatic look at the risks and what you can do to combat them.  We also look at some common misconceptions about what insurances provide what cover - so that, if you are looking for insurance protection, you are better placed to make the right purchasing decision.


View Part 1 of our webinar:  The reality of Cyber Risk  Olivia Burren, Risk Consultant, Lockton

View Part 2 of our webinar:  The reality of Cyber Risk  Calum MacLean, Risk Manager, Lockton

You can also attend our upcoming seminars, in London & Birmingham, (on 5th & 11th October, respectively) on managing the fall-out from a cyber attack.