Did you know?

  • New EU regulations regarding data protection will come into force in 2014
  • Their implementation will be mandatory for all EU governments
  • There will be no lead in time; compliance will be necessary immediately
  • The liabilities of those Data Controllers and Data Processors as per the Data Protection Act 1998 will change significantly.


These regulations will impact mainly upon data you hold on your employees or commercially sensitive third party data.

  • If you employ more than 250 employees you will have to appoint a Privacy Officer
  • You will need the explicit consent of data subjects to hold the data relating to them
  • Data subjects will have 'the right to be forgotten' i.e. to request deletion of their data
  • In the event of a breach of security of data you may have to inform the Information Commissioner within 24 hours and inform all affected parties immediately thus incurring additional costs
  • In the event of failure to comply with the new regulations there will be a potential fine of up to 2% of global income.

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