Cyber Crime: Protecting your Business from Reputational Harm - webinar

Cyber Crime: Protecting your Business from Reputational Harm - webinar

Dec 6 2016

Profesional firms can be split into two categories:  those who know that they have been subject to some form of cyber incident, and those who have, but aren't aware of the fact!

We have previously focussed on preventative measures you can implement that can minimise the risk of a security breach - but there is no 100% failsafe solution.  Planning how to protect your firm's reputation in the event of a cyber attack is therefore equally important.    Experience shows that firms that are well prepared fare much better reputationally and financially, after an incident.  

If you were not able to attend one of our seminars on the topic earlier in the year, this webinar, presented in conjunction with cyber recovery specialists, Insignia, addresses the same topics - namely:

  • current cyber crime threats
  • how to plan for a security incident
  • how scenario testing can help you make quicker and better decisions
  • what to do when it happens
  • how to assess reputational impact
  • who to have on your incident response team
  • communication materials you should prepare beforehand
  • a messaging framework to use in the event of a breach


You can also download the presentation slides, using the link on the RHS.

Click on this link to watch the webinar

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