• Location: Lockton Companies LLP, London
  • Time: 9.30am-11.00am
  • Cost: Free of Charge
  • Number of Places: 60
  • 1.5 units accreditted CPD

Our recent webinar suggested practical ways to minimise the risk of information security breaches.  Technical IT solutions are an essential part of the mix, but can never provide 100% protection.  So planning how to protect your firm's reputation in the event of a cyber attack is essential.  This seminar provides a framework for doing so.

Our Cyber Crime seminar will cover:

  • current cyber crime threats
  • how to plan fro a security incident
  • how scenario testing can help you make quicker and better decisions
  • what to do when it happens
  • How to assess reputational impact
  • who to have on your incident response team
  • communication materials you should prepare beforehand
  • a messaging framework to use in the event of a breach

Location & Sign Up

138 Houndsditch
The St Botolph Building
United Kingdom