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Hopefully the majority of your team would recognise that the solcitors details referenced did not match up to a current transaction, and similarly, query the generic email address.  Some of the more sophisticated scams are more difficult to spot however.


Phishing awareness webinar

Lockton has recently worked with specialist cyber security expert, NCC Group, to undertake a simulated phishing exercise for law firms in Scotland.  They are presenting a webinar on Tuesday 9th May, looking at the results of the simulated phsihing exercise, and highlighting some of the approaches that cyber criminals take, and how you can mitigate the risks of attacks in future.

You can register for the webinar here


Further guidance

You can access further guidance on recognising phishing emails in our Resource Centre.  And look out for more guidance and training materials from Lockton on cyber security, coming soon.

If you have a specific cyber security concern, contact Calum MacLean, Lockton's Risk Manager for Professions, or your Lockton Account Executive.