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Brian Boehmer, Partner, UK Professions
Brian Boehmer

Besides negligence error and omissions picked up under the SRA minimum terms and conditions, threats such as cyber-attacks and data breaches are all part and parcel of modern day business risks law firms now face.  In addition to the threat posed by criminals, there are new regulatory obligations which bring with it new risks which need to be protected.

We have created an exclusive and unique product that presents a seamless and interlocking insurance product for the UK legal sector. It incorporates both Cyber and Crime cover with your compulsory SRA PII insurance policy.

It not only protects the interest of your clients, but is designed to protect you as well.  In the event of a data breach or incident, you'll have access to leading forensic experts and specialist advisors, putting your business back on track and minimising the impact to you.

Guidance & Support

We understand how complex and expensive regulatory issues can become and we do not want our insured businesses to stand alone. We support our firms by paying defence costs and providing access to our wider experience and relevant experts, ensuring you are given the right support.

We provide guidance and support at all three stages of a breach – before, during and after. We retain a core focus on what is important to law firms and we recognise the overlapping risks to your professional indemnity and as a business entity.

Core security controls & access to specialists

We have assembled a leading team of specialists with a breadth of knowledge that can respond to cyber threats to your business and your customers. Response time is critical; when a cyber incident occurs, having world class expertise at the end of the phone is a central pillar of any successful disaster recovery plan.


Created with Solicitors in mind

Built specifically for solicitors, to protect your enterprise. Our insurance is re-defining the SRA minimum terms, designed to respond to the ever-evolving threats a modern law business faces. The integrated coverage and specialist cyber response team provides unprecedented business support to minimise the impact of an adverse event.

How can Interlock help?

Business protection means ensuring you can mitigate the impact of an incident and return to trading as quickly as possible. The cyber response team can aid with restoring systems, assessing event impact, system issues and regulatory response compliance. The crime coverage offers protection for business owner funds.


Evaluating your cyber hygiene

The UK legal sector controls huge flows of monies and has access to highly confidential information. The rewards are great where the barriers are low and this can lead to your Practice becoming a high-value target. Many of the attackers rely on undermining the trust of your clients in order to achieve their goals.


We've produced some guides and scenarios that you might find helpful.  Please email solicitors@uk.lockton.com to receive your copy.


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